Mar 24 • 14M

Conversations about sparking creativity

Q: How do you keep your creative spark alive?

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Conversations with our community to bring in different perspectives from guests and readers inspired by our posts on the Disco Dialogues newsletter.
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This week we are in conversation with three friends who have pursued a career in line with their creative dreams. Kinnari is in India and connects with some old friends in Mumbai. 

Shenaz (Insta: @shenaztreasury) is a travel influencer who is the actor referenced in Kinnari’s dialogue in our last post on dreams and creativity. She shares how her mood defines her creativity and brings another friend Sahil (Insta: @sahilgsalathia) into the conversation who expresses his creativity in different ways and talks about creativity being energy. 

Neha is a long time Disco Dialogues reader and she shares how she finds new ways to bring her creative spark to life as well as modeling it for her eight year old son. 

Neha’s creative Roti project for her 8 year old son