Disco Dialogues is a newsletter and interview series where we (Kinnari & Mitali) share our personal reflections based on our life experiences and curated content from books, poems and articles that are influencing our thoughts. Our posts are focused on introspection and growth - we start with a question to encourage reflection on the weekly topic.

Some of the topics we have covered in the past include creativity, curiosity, courage, self-care, mental health and relationships.  The hope is that by sharing the dialogues that we have with ourselves and with each other, we can spark conversations with our community.

Feel free to read our first post which tells you the story behind Disco Dialogues.

The women behind Disco Dialogues

Mitali is a mom, writer, coach and tech leader with over twenty years of experience at big tech companies (Google) and startups (Yodlee). She has always loved working on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. She has built products and platforms to bring new innovations to millions of users across the world. She thrives on building teams and helping people discover their full potential by playing to their strengths. As a mother to two boys including a special needs child, she has learned over the years the importance of taking care of herself in order to be there for others in her family, team and community.

Kinnari is a mother, writer, truth seeker, connection maximizer and a versatile business leader. She cares deeply about personal growth, creative expression and building something meaningful. Always curious, she doesn’t shy away from asking deep questions of people when she meets them, allowing her to create safe spaces for dialogue. In her multi-decade career, she has led business development and product initiatives at consumer facing tech (Google) and enterprise (Netsuite) companies. She is a mom to two young girls and is always working towards being a role model that embodies strength and compassion.

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I am a mother, business leader, creative thinker, truth seeker, joy finder, connection maximizer. I care deeply about personal growth, creative expression and building something meaningful.
Mother, entrepreneur, writer, product builder, listener, advisor, coach, mentor