Beautiful, as always. You both get me thinking in your dialogues. I’m enjoying easing into the seasons, pausing to notice small things, to breathe, to drink tea.

Pause is something I’ve learned can be very important. As a teacher, allowing pauses when instructing or talking or posing questions can be powerful & profound. Silence is never just silence. As a Poet, pause creates air and space.

Thank you for your thoughtful piece 💖

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love "pause creates air and space". Thanks Lisa! We are on different continents and yet seem to be in sync with our rituals and how we're thinking about things. This is what I love about sharing my writing.. it helps me connect with and find others that are on a similar path.

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Nov 6, 2023Liked by Mitali

All the seasons seem to seamlessly flow into one another but somehow Autumn feels the most abrupt. So I'm getting a massage this evening, as a way of easing into it.

BTW, those treats/spread look yummy. :)

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